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Tangram Fury Paradox Book

Each Tangram Fury paperback book is 9"x6" and has at least 130 pages.


Tangram Fury Paradox Book

Sample Pages:

The puzzles are large, full-page size. The puzzles to solve are on odd pages, with their solutions on the reverse side (even pages). This sample shows a two-page spread from the book with the solution to the puzzle from the prior page on the left, and the book's next puzzle to solve is on the right.

Tangram Fury Paradox Book

Tangram Fury Paradox Book

See the press release here.

Paradox Book:

All of the puzzles in any of these Books can be built with the same 7 pieces of a standard Tangram Puzzle.

Tangram Fury Paradox Book

Tangram Fury Paradox Book

Paperback Book





Tangram Fury: Full Game

Classic Edition (4 puzzles, 200 cards):

Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!



Deluxe Edition (8 puzzles, 200 cards):

Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!


Tangram Fury Paradox

Paradox Book

The 7-piece Tangram puzzle has been around for years, yet fans of the puzzles still find new shapes to make and solve. Every puzzle can be solved with the same 7 pieces.

This book is dedicated to tangram paradoxes. A tangram paradox is a pair of tangram puzzles that are virtually identical, except for one small difference. It may be a piece seeming to be missing, or an area added. Either way, this books if full of interesting and fun puzzles that share, or rather miss, something in common.

Following a brief introduction to tangrams, the main portion of this book provides puzzles to solve, and their solutions. This is followed by tidbits and trivia about tangrams and some famous people who have tinkered with tangrams over the years.

Nuf's Notes:
The Tangram Fury Paradox Book "is dedicated to pairs of puzzles that are mostly similar, but have key difference between them. The difference in these twin puzzles may be subtle or blatant. For the most part, the two puzzle look identical, such as two puzzles of a fish, but the difference will be that one of the two fish has a flattened face, as if it swam into a dam at incredible speeds, or the twin puzzles will be of a person and the second person looks identical, but is missing a foot.

"A puzzle of a person missing a foot isn't so remarkable by itself, but when you compare that to what seems to be an identical puzzle with the second person having the foot, you have to wonder how two nearly identical - but clearly different - puzzles can be built using the exact same seven tans of a traditional tangram."

The puzzles in this book include multiple twin, paradoxical puzzles of classic tangram paradoxes, such as the one known as "the monk," or bowls with chips in them, as well as a paradox of the Loch Ness Monster and other odd shapes to solve. Some of the tangram paradoxes are from classic puzzles. Others were newly created for the Tangram Fury packs and books.

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