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Welcome to the World of Tangram Fury Tangram Paperback Books!

The Tangram Fury Puzzle Books are printed books with paperback covers. They are 9"x6" in size, and each have at least 130 pages. Each book includes a pattern of a tangram to use for solving the puzzles.

Limited Time Exclusive for FanX 2017

Any purchase at Dealer Table Gold 19 qualifies you to order the Tangram Fury Tribute to FanX 2017 tangram puzzle book at a 25% discount. (Actually, it's more like a 28% discount, but who's going to quibble?) Attendees will have 14 days to take advantage of the discounted price of $7.10. There is no limit to the number of books an attendee can order. They will be available from the link below.

Tangram Fury FanX Tribute Book

The Tangram Fury Tribute to FanX 2017 tangram puzzle book is just that, a tribute to FanX 2017. It has all of the standard content available in the other Tangram Fury puzzle books (No skimping here!), plus it has tangram puzzles made in honor of celebrities who are scheduled to attend FanX 2017. It also has additional puzzles for celebrities who have attended other comic cons. Most of these other celebrities received souvenir Tangram Packs from Doug as a "Thank You" for coming to the con.

The Tangram Fury Tribute to FanX 2017 book includes puzzles in honor of: Stan Lee (and his announced final trip to a SLC comic con), Emilie de Ravin (Belle), Amy Gumenick (Arrow), Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon), Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley), Verne Troyer (Griphook), Dule Hill (Gus from Psych), James Roday (Shawn from Psych), Christopher Lambert & Adrian Paul (Highlander), Jess Harnell & Tara Strong (Voice Actors), Chris Sarandon (Prince Humperdinck), Cary Elwes (Princess Bride), Sean Maguire (Once Upon a Time), Jsaon Momoa (Aquaman & Ronon Dex), Weird Al Yankovic (himself), Greg Grunberg (Lost), Judge Reinhold (Pirate), Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt & Khary Payton (Walking Dead), and several more.

Tangram Fury Books on NewsWatch on Discovery Channel

These books were featured on NewsWatch TV on Discovery Channel on Dec. 18, 2015! See the press release here.

These books cover a wide range of themes, with all of the puzzles within each book dedicated to that book's theme. These include Christmas, the Wild West, animals, fish, birds, summer and winter sports, farm life, famous parks and sites, and many more. There's even a book dedicated not just to Hawaii, but to the quirky people of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, which is surely the only book in the world with original tangram puzzles dedicated to Yoopers. All of the puzzles in any of these Books can be built with the same 7 pieces of a standard Tangram Puzzle.

01 Blue Tangram Alphabet Book 02 Green Tangram Christmas Book 03 Red Tangram Christmas Activity Book 04 Yellow Tangram Numbers Book 05 Orange Tangram Summer Sports Book 06 Brown Tangram Farm Book
07 Black Tangram Sci Fi Book 01 Blue Tangram Aquatic Book 01 Green Tangram Yooper Book 01 Red Tangram Parks & Sites Book 01 Yellow Tangram Science Book 12 Orange Tangram Paradox Book
13 Brown Wild West Tangram Fury Book 14 Black Tangram Fury Comic Con Book 15 Blue Aviary Tangram Fury Book 16 Green Animal Tangram Fury Book 17 Red Winter Sports Tangram Fury Book 18 Yellow Hawaii Tangram Fury Book

Each book costs only $9.99

Each book includes information regarding the origin and fundamentals of tangrams. The main portion of the book includes themed puzzles to solve. Those themes - the Wild West, Numbers, Sports, Christmas and so forth - can be seen below. Each full-page puzzle is first shown in silhouette (or expert mode), so that the puzzler can work to solve them. The solutions (or fan mode) are shown on the back side of the page.

The main section of the book is followed by a bonus section that includes cards for a tangram matching game. Each book's set of cards can be combined with those of the other books to create an expanding deck of cards. The cards are also arranged in the book such that they could be photocopied onto colored paper and used with the main and original Tangram Fury competitive puzzle game, or standalone for the Tangram Fury Matching Game.

Go to the Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity eBooks page by clicking here. Go to Products page by clicking here.

Tangram Fury Puzzle Books FAQ

The following are answers to some questions about the Tangram Fury Puzzle Books.

Q: What type of books are these?
A: These are paperback books that are 9"x6" and have at least 130 pages each. These books are of the same high quality as other paperback books that can be bought online, such as on Amazon.com, or in brick-and-mortar stores, such as Barnes and Noble.

Q: Are there ebook versions of these available?
A: Absolutely! Each ebook has its own ordering page. From there, you can order the book in either paperback or ebook format.

Q: Are these the same ebooks that were available previously?
A: No, these are much better. The original ebooks were about 50 pages long. When an acceptable printing resource was found, and the decision was made to make Tangram Fury Puzzle Books available in paperback, it was decided that they needed to be longer and include both more puzzles and more information about tangrams. As a result, the books grew from about 50 pages to at least 130 pages in length, or nearly 3 times larger.

Q: Are the books in color?
A: That would be cool, but these are not picture books. The covers are in color, but as with typical puzzle books, such as for crossword, Sudoku or other types of puzzle books, the contents are black and white.

Q: Are these for beginners or advanced tangram puzzle enthusiasts?
A: That's hard to say because what's hard for me, might be easy for you. I'd have to say that they are many tangrams in each book, all of which range in complexity. Usually, animals and people seem to be easier to solve because there are heads, arms, or legs that stick out while more solid images, such as buildings, are harder to solve because there aren't as many "gimme pieces" on them. These books have all types of images, but, given the themes, they tend to include a lot of people and animals.

Q: What's in the books?
A: The quickest answer is, "Words and pictures," but that doesn't help much, does it? There is text in the beginning section that explains what tangrams are, how to build them, famous people who have tinkered with them over the years and other info that I think is cool or interesting. One section highlights how to build a tangram square quickly. (My record is 5 seconds.) The next section is the main section. It has many full-page puzzles to solve. Each puzzle is shown on a single right-hand page. When you turn the page, its solution is on the left-hand page and a new puzzle to solve is on the right-hand page.

Q: What's the bonus section?
A: Each book includes a bonus section of cards for a Tangram Fury Matching Game. The bonus section in each book includes a dozen tangram cards. The cards are printed such that they can be cut directly from the book (but, you wouldn't really want to cut up the book, would you?). They can also be photocopied and then cut out and played as a matching game. All of the cards in each of the games can be added together to make a very large deck. The cards can also be copied onto colored paper in a way that they match the cards in the Tangram Fury Game and can be added to that game for added fun.

Q: Will there be more Tangram Fury Puzzle Books in the future?
A: I believe that's a certainty. Tangrams have so many possibilities for images and themes, that it's hard to stop creating more. For example, it would be fun to put together a book that is a tribute to Disney characters. (Not sure on copyright issues for that...) Or, ones that are dedicated to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, or other famous books or shows. Or, there could be one dedicated to high school bands, or any of a number of other themes.

Q: What's the most unique book idea you've had?
A: I think it would be fun and cool to create individualized books for people to order. Even if it's just a matter of altering the title so people can make books for themselves, their family, or their friends. The title could be something like, "Tangram Fury Puzzle Book for Aunt Marge," (if, of course, you have an Aunt Marge you want to give a book to...). The other possibility is to actually customize the puzzles inside the book, but that would take a lot of effort which would likely raise the cost beyond what people would want to pay. The customized covers and title pages are much more doable. (I'd be interested in knowing if people are interested in this.)

NOTE: If you'd like to order multiple books, click the "Buy Now" button of the first. This will take you to the ordering page, which should already be populated for ordering 1 book. Leaving that alone, click the "Back" button in your browser. This will take you back to this page for selecting an additional book. Click the "Buy Now" button for the next book you'd like to order. When you've selected your final book through its "Buy Now" button, follow the options on the CreateSpace site for finalizing your order. Doing this will combine the shipping charges for the books, which will overall lower shipping charge per book. (The shipping charge may cost more overall, but it will cost less per book than if the books were ordered separately.)

These Tangram Books contain tangrams that have common themes. The vast majority of these images have been created specifically for the Tangram Packs and Books on this site. Every single puzzle in ALL of the Books can be produced with the exact same 7 tans (puzzle pieces) of a traditional tangram.

Feel free to submit more questions or comments to Doug at Doug@TangramFury.com Thanks!