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Welcome to the World of Tangram Fury Tangram Magnets!

The Tangram Fury Tangram Magnets are great to use to solve puzzles. No plugs, no charging, no apps, no batteries needed. Just place them on the fridge or some other metalic surface and you're ready for hours of fun! (Actually, you can use these on a table, desk, or any other flat surface, if you aren't worried about trying to get them to stick to anything...) Each color Tangram Fury Tangram Magnet is only $4.50!

See the press release here.

If only you could build tangram puzzles in COLOR! With Tangram Fury Tangram Magnets, you can! Woot! Woot! Check out the following small sampling of puzzles you can build with these new magnetic tangrams. The monotone puzzles are fun, but notice how much adding color to them makes them come alive...

Examples of 1-color Tangrams:

1-Tangram-Fury-Color-Angel-Fish 1-Tangram-Fury-Color-Elephant 1-Tangram-Fury-Color-Farm-Pig 1-Tangram-Fury-Color-Frog 1-Tangram-Fury-Color-Mocking-Jay 1-Tangram-Fury-Color-Seahorse
Angel Fish

Examples of 2-color Tangrams:

2-Color-Statue-of-Liberty 2-Tangram-Fury-Color-Christmas-Tree 2-Tangram-Fury-Color-Jell-O 2-Tangram-Fury-Color-Lifeguard 2-Tangram-Fury-Color-Speedskater 2-Tangram-Fury-Color-Whale-Spouting
Statue of Liberty
Christmas Tree
Spouting Whale

Examples of 3-color Tangrams:

3-Tangram-Fury-Color-Campfire 3-Tangram-Fury-Color-Hawaii-Coconut-Tree 3-Tangram-Fury-Color-Hurdler 3-Tangram-Fury-Color-Mufasa-Lion 3-Tangram-Fury-Color-Soccer 3-Tangram-Fury-Color-Squire-Mickey
Coconut Tree
Soccer Player
Squire Mickey

Examples of Multi-color Tangrams:

Tangram-Fury-Color-Aquatic-Fish-Bubble Tangram-Fury-Color-Aviary-Parrot Tangram-Fury-color-Bee Tangram-Fury-Color-Christmas-Elf-With-Sled Tangram-Fury-Color-Daniel-in-the-Lions-Den Tangram-Fury-LOTR-Gimli-Color
Fish & Bubble
Elf with Sled
Daniel & Lion
LOTR's Gimli

Choose From These Awesome Colors

Order just one or get a bunch and mix and match!
Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Black Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-White Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Tangram-Fury-Blue Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Tangram-Fury-Green Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Tangram-Fury-Red Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Tangram-Fury-Yellow
Tangram Fury Blue
Tangram Fury Green
Tangram Fury Red
Tangram Fury Yellow
Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Brown-Dark Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Brown-Farm Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Brown-Light Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Gold Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Gold-Dark Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Gray
Dark Brown
Farm Brown
Light Brown
Dark Gold
Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Gray-Light Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Green Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Green-Christmas Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Green-Light Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Orange-Dark Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Orange-Kid
Light Gray
Christmas Green
Light Green
Dark Orange
Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Orange-Light Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Orange-Yellow Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Peach Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Salmon Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Pink Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Pink-Dark
Light Orange
Dark Pink
Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Purple Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Red Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Blue Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Blue-Turquoise Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Blue-Light Tangram-Fury-Color-Tangram-Magnet-Brown-Campfire
Christmas Red
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Campfire Brown

Each Tangram Fury Magnetic Tangram costs only $4.50.

These are cut-and-play magnetic tangrams of various colors. Mix-and-match 'em or solve tangrams with your favorite, solid color. If your favorite color isn't here, drop Doug a note at Doug@TangramFury.com, and he'll see about getting it added!

What's with the 8th Tan?

Question: Tangrams are only supposed to have 7 tans, why is there an 8th tan with these Tangram Magnets? With that 8th tangram, it doesn't even make a square, so what's up?

Answer: When solving tangrams, each tan is symmetrical, so they can be turned in whatever direction necessary to solve the puzzle EXCEPT for the parallelogram. There are times when THAT tan needs to be flipped over. If you flip over a colored magnet, you only see the dark underside of the magnet, not the color. So, each of the Tangram Fury Tangram Magnets comes with an 8th tan which is the reverse side of the parallelogram. Any time you need to use the "other side" of this tan, just swap out the original one for this one. Voila! You can solve the puzzle and have the whole thing be in color! It may not be the 8th Wonder of the World, but it sure comes in handy...

Tangram Books

For more ideas of tangrams you can solve with your color Tangram Fury Tangram Magnets, check out the many, themed Tangram Books here. You'll find books with themes about Christmas, sports, famous sites, animals, birds, fish, Wild West, Yoopers, and so much more!

Watch for additional Tangram Fury Books as more themes and puzzles are created for Tangram Fury products by Doug Nufer.

More Tangram Fun

If books aren't your thing, there are several other ways to find tangrams to build. There are Cards,Tangram Packs, and even the competitive tabletop game that got all this started: Tangram Fury! Browse this site and see what else might be of interest for yourself at home, or for school. Thanks for coming, and enjoy your visit!