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Each Tangram Fury paperback book is 9" x 6" and has at least 130 pages.


Tangram Fury Numbers Book

Sample Pages:

The puzzles are large, full-page size. The puzzles to solve are on odd pages, with their solutions on the reverse side (even pages). This sample shows a two-page spread from the book with the solution to the puzzle from the prior page on the left, and the book's next puzzle to solve is on the right. This book has the numbers 0-9, but then some punctuation marks, followed by a series of odd figures and characters to solve.

Tangram Fury Numbers Book

Tangram Fury Numbers Book: And, so much more...

See the press release here.

Christmas Activity Book:

All of the puzzles in any of these Books can be built with the same 7 pieces of a standard Tangram Puzzle.

Tangram Fury Numbers Book

Tangram Fury Numbers Book

Paperback Book





Tangram Fury: Full Game

Classic Edition (4 puzzles, 200 cards):

Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!



Deluxe Edition (8 puzzles, 200 cards):

Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!


Tangram Fury Numbers Book: And, so much more...

Numbers Book

The 7-piece Tangram puzzle has been around for years, yet fans of the puzzles still find new shapes to make and solve. Every puzzle can be solved with the same 7 pieces.

You can really count on numbers. These tangrams give you the chance to show just how true that is. This book is so much more than numbers, though. It probably contains the most eclectic collection of tangrams in this series by including animals, candy, people, and just plain oddities. If you like the peculiar, this is great for you!

Following a brief introduction to tangrams, the main portion of this book provides puzzles to solve, and their solutions. This is followed by tidbits and trivia about tangrams and some famous people who have tinkered with tangrams over the years.

Nuf's Notes:
The Tangram Fury Numbers Book includes tangrams of the ten basic numbers 0 through 9. It is a companion edition with the Tangram Fury Alphabet Book which includes upper- and lowercase puzzles of each of the letters from the English Alphabet.

"The book has the subtitle 'And so much more...' because it goes well beyond numbers. It includes a very eclectic collection of puzzles, that makes it quite unique. The puzzles range from a centaur to a court jester. It was fun to generate randomly-themed puzzles for this book."

In addition to information regarding the origin and fundamentals of tangrams, the Tangram Fury Numbers Book includes many puzzles to solve. As with the other Tangram Fury Puzzle Books, this book includes a pattern of a tangram to use for solving the puzzles.

The main section of the book is followed by a bonus section that includes cards for a tangram matching game. Each book's set of cards can be combined with those of the other books to create an expanding deck of cards. The cards are also arranged in the book such that they could be photocopied onto colored paper and used with the main and original Tangram Fury competitive puzzle game.

"The tangram matching game really was added late in the design of the book series. The original ebooks just included puzzles to solve, but the idea came up of creating a matching game that could span all of the books in the series. In that way, it could tie together all of the books. The matching game can stand on its own with the cards from only one book, or they can be added together to form an expanded deck by getting more books. The more books a person owns, the more cards for the matching game they will have. In a way, it's like a reward for those who really like tangrams."

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Tangram Fury Numbers Book