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A Brief History of Peepsock Press  



    Peepsock Press, LLC was founded in 2003.  It's inaugural publication was the novel, "The Title of Liberty," a 400-page hardbound retelling of the story of Captain Moroni, Helaman, and the 2000 Stripling warriors who all banded together to protect the liberties and freedoms of their society around 74 BC in the land now known as Ancient America.

    In 2006, Peepsock Press was responsible for the printing of "The Shopping Cart Man." A novel about a family who aids a homeless man during the Christmas holiday.

    Peepsock Press takes its name from the Peepsock Creek, a quiet, clean creek that meanders for about 20 miles through the lush forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, near Houghton, Michigan.  It eventually meets up with the Portage Canal, which dissects the Keeweenaw Peninsula from the rest of the Upper Peninsula.

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Peepsock Press
P.O. Box 51082
Provo, UT 84065


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