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The Shopping Cart Man


Brighten your Christmas Spirit... read "The Shopping Cart Man"!  

The painting of "Old Bessie" courtesy of Ken Corbett.

About the Book

In the 1970's, a family of five embarks on a cross-country drive to spend Christmas with their grandmother.  Along the way, they encounter a homeless man.  Having just discussed the parable of The Good Samaritan, they decide to treat this man the way the Good Samaritan would have.  They offer him a ride.  Along the way, they learn more about the man and themselves. 

Meanwhile, the man begins to experience intense dreams.  The dreams evolve from odd, abstract visions to sometimes frightening experiences that seem all too real.  He begins to believe that these dreams are really flashbacks of his forgotten past.

Once the family reaches their destination and drops him off, he goes on a quest to discover his lost past, so that he can learn to understand who he once was, and how he got to be in his present state, so that he can possibly find a way to enjoy his remaining future.

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Who is the Shopping Cart Man?

We've seen him many times.  Or, maybe we've avoided noticing him.  He's that man in ragged clothes, with his hand out asking for spare change.  Sometimes we give him a coin or two.  Sometimes we give him nothing - after all, he's just going to buy beer, isn't he?  Or, is he?  What if he really was down on his luck waiting for someone like you or me to help lift him out of the gutter and get him pointed back toward a meaningful life?  Maybe he just wants a hand up, instead of a hand out.

Who was the Good Samaritan?

When Jesus was asked who our "neighbor" is, he replied with a parable about a Good Samaritan.  At a time when the Jews hated the Samaritans (and vice versa), a Jewish man was robbed, beaten, and left for dead.  Several people passed him by without offering any aid.  Finally, a good Samaritan man stopped and showed extreme compassion and charity toward the man.  He bound up his wounds, took him to where he could recover, and offered to pay the man's expenses upon his return.  What would the world be like today if we all decided to show such compassion to our fellow men?

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