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Novel: The Shopping Cart Man

Book: $12.95

This new novel is about a family that helps a homeless man during the Christmas holiday.  They encounter the man while on a cross-country drive to spend the holiday with their grandmother and offer him a ride.  During the drive, he begins to have flashbacks of his forgotten past.  When the car trip ends, his journey of self-discovery is just beginning.  This heartwarming story, with a touch of mystery is sure to become a seasonal favorite.

200 pp. Softbound

Book on Tape (MP3):

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The Shopping Cart Man Imagine being homeless and dependent on the care of strangers for your every meal.  What if someone decided to care? This new Christmas tale tells of a family who decide to help a homeless man, while on a cross-country trip to spend the holidays with their grandmother.  Along the way, they learn more about the man, and themselves, than they could have ever anticipated.

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