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Enter the world of Ancient America... read "The Title of Liberty!"

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What was the Title of Liberty?

At a dramatic time when tensions were rising and Nephites were turning traitor, Captain Moroni tore off his coat and wrote a pledge in support of key freedoms.  He fastened this on a pole and did a massive call to arms among his people to inspire them to defend their liberties.  Later, he made flags bearing the same pledge, and hoisted them above their cities.  These flags became symbolic of their fight for freedom, and became known as the "Title of Liberty."

Who was Captain Moroni?

Captain Moroni lived around 74 BC somewhere around what is now known as Central America.  His people were called the "Nephites."  The Nephites' bitter enemies were called the "Lamanites."  When Moroni was only 24 years old, he was assigned to be the military leader of the Nephites.  He was not a brutal man, but he led the Nephites to victory in many brutal battles.  He was an unabashed defender of Liberty.  He appealed to sense and decency when he could, and military might and strategy if that failed.  He created new tactics for defending his nation (from the armor they wore, to the walls they built around their cities), but relied most heavily on appealing to the moral integrity which he felt should be inherent in all societies.

The painting, "The Title of Liberty" courtesy of Ken Corbett.

About the Book

In 74 BC, two warring nations fought for control of the American Continent.  The one, a godless race of fierce savages.  The other, a god-fearing civilized nation.  But, which nation was worse?  One commander struggled relentlessly to bring peace to both nations and to teach his world the meaning of liberty.

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