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"The Shopping Cart Man" - This fun novel by Doug Nufer has a Christmas theme.  It tells the story of a family on a cross-country drive to spend the holidays with their grandmother, who take the parable of the Good Samaritan to heart when they see an elderly homeless man.  As they offer him some unexpected aid, he begins suffering some intense flashbacks that make him ponder his forgotten past and determined to find out who he truly is and how he came to be homeless.

*Free Font!*:  Captain Moroni Font - This font was created for the cover of the book "The Title of Liberty."  It is also used for the main headings on this Web site.  It can be downloaded here and freely used for any document that helps promote the cause of liberty!  Download it today!

*Free Font!*:  Reformed Egyptian Font - This font was created as one person's interpretation of what "reformed Egyptian" may have looked like.  The original Book of Mormon was written in this language.  Since there are no photos of the original plates, it is up to scholars and layman to estimate what this language may have looked like.  This font associates font characters with characters on a keyboard, but only for the purposes of getting the font's characters to be typed, not because of any correct relationship between the two - especially since the font characters likely represent complete words, not just individual letters.  A theoretical rendering of what the plates may have looked like can be seen in the image below: - This site provides an interesting presentation explaining the Book of Mormon.

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