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About the Book's Cover

The impressive painting on the cover of the book was painted by Doug Fryer as part of his series on Mormon Heroes. 

Doug had this to say about what he meant by "Mormon Heroes":

"Mormon Heroes are people whose actions illustrate their love for Jesus Christ.  They sacrifice their own pleasures to fulfill their Godly responsibilities.  In spite of problems in their lives, Mormon Heroes labor valiantly as they seek to follow the Savior's example and God's plan for them.  You too can be a Mormon Hero."

- Doug Fryer


The font for the text on the cover was created by Doug Nufer specifically for this book, and can be freely downloaded from the "Free Fonts" link found on this site.


The impressive painting of Captain Moroni wielding the Title of Liberty, found on the home page of this site was made available by Ken Corbett, the artist of the painting.  Several of his other works can be found by clicking here, or wherever fine LDS art is available.


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