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Key Characters     

Key Characters from

The Title of Liberty

The following is a list of key characters named in "The Title of Liberty."  Characters who have been given names for the purposes of the novel (and had not been named in the Book of Mormon) are noted below.

Character=s Name



The aging spiritual leader of the Nephite society.  A true man of God, a prophet and a record keeper.


An evil, apostate Nephite whose only ambition was power and revenge on Moroni.  He would lie, abuse and kill to seek these ends.  A master tactician and strategist.


Amalikiah's brother and lackluster follower.  Eventually developed his brother's knack for evil planning and warmongering and became his successor.


Nephite commander of the city of Judea.

Captain Lehi

One of Moroni=s chief officers.  Together with him in all of his battles and/or strategy sessions.  A man of extreme loyalty and honor.  A few years older than Moroni.

Captain Moroni

The lead character.  Commander of the Nephite army since the age of 25.  Had impeccable senses of honor and duty to his country and God.  The ultimate father figure whose example and principles offer leadership to every aspect of his society either directly or indirectly.


A power-hungry Nephite who sought to be king and became the leader of the “King Men.”  (This person was not named in the original material.)

General Jacob

Lamanite general who defended his army in battle.


Nephite officer who relieved Jershon of his prisoners.


Lamanite officer in charge of the occupied city of Antiparah.


The son of Alma.  Succeeded him as the spiritual leader and record keeper of the Nephites.  A large and powerful man capable of leading warriors into battle.


Lamanite commander of the besieged city of Cumeni.    (This person was not named in the original material.)


A Nephite judge who schemed with Amalikiah during Amalikiah=s first attempt to gain power over the Nephites.  Later became one of Amalikiah=s chief leaders.  (This person was not named in the original material.)


Lamanite youth who volunteered to go with Helaman into battle.    (This person was not named in the original material.)


Lamanite soldier who was first to take on the “oath of peace” in the battle between Moroni and Zerahemnah.  (This person was not named in the original material.)

King Pachus

Nephite “King Man” who ousted Pahoran and instated himself as king of the Nephites.

Lamanite King

King of the Lamanites who met Amalikiah.  Demanded and expected complete obedience from his subjects, but was not swift enough to perceive Amalikiah=s schemes.  Instead, trusted Amalikiah implicitly and put him in positions of power.


Lamanite officer who led a large group of Lamanites away from their king when he disagreed with the order to break their oath of peace.


A traitorous Nephite who sought power and fought with Teancum.


Youthful Lamanite officer who accompanied Jershon on the siege of Cumeni.    (This person was not named in the original material.)


A Nephite who became the chief judge and political leader of the Nephite society.  An intensely loyal and upright man who became accused of treason.


Lamanite queen loyal to her husband and concerned about the Lamanite society's well being.  A strong character, but capable of being deceived.


Nephite woman who was an abused servant of a power-hungry Nephite.  Escaped and warned Moroni of traitorship.  (This person was not named in the original material.)


Young Nephite leader who developed to become one of Moroni's most trusted and loyal officers.  Performed many key missions for the Nephite army.


Nephite officer who helped in the attack on Manti.


An apostate Nephite who became a leader of a Lamanite army that went to battle against Moroni.

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