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Douglas V. Nufer (BA '87), The Shopping Cart Man: A Yuletide Journey (Peepsock Press; 200 pp.; $12.95). During a cross-country Christmastime automobile journey to Grandma's, a family of five applies the principles of the good Samaritan parable with surprising consequences.

- Richard H. Cracroft, BYU Magazine


"Doug Nufer is an amazing story teller.  The story is gripping and heartwarming, and is sure to leave a lasting impression.  You will rejoice in the inspiration that comes to the family."

- George Durrant


"The Shopping Cart Man is an inspiring Christmas story that will bring you closer to your family and remind you of what it's all about."

- Andrew Hill, Hill Brothers Studios

"A Very Enjoyble Read - This book caught my attention at the very beginning and held it all the way to the end. I especially enjoyed the unpredictable finish. Its a story that makes one think about how we could make a difference in someone's life? I'm with many others who think it would make a great TV movie!"

- S. Bitter (Houston, TX)


"A feel good book, great for Christmas!!!! - This book was wonderful! What a great reminder for all of us focus more on others!! Perfect for the holidays!!"

- P. Morgan (Missouri)


"The Shopping Cart Man is a great read!" - The Shopping Cart Man was a very enjoyable book to read! The circumstances introduced in the story made me more cognizant of the needs of those around me. This book is a great read for the entire family and embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Enjoy!"

- B. Shumway (UT)


"Heartfelt Christmas Story - The Shopping Cart man is the type of book you want to share with your friends, and a definate read for the entire family. It teaches that that there are still "good samaritans" in our society and that the values we desire to instill in our children still exist. A must for your Christmas shopping list!"

- S. Tuckett (Mesa, AZ)


"A good holiday needs a good book - This is the book for my holiday. It reminds me of my family, and especially my grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was a great story, and it is really affordable too."

- S. Jade (Fillmore, CA)


"Fun, light, festive, inspiring - The Shopping Cart Man is a light, easy read, with a lot of depth and feeling. It had me wondering "What would I do" in a similar situation. Made me think beyond the appearances. Made me count my blessings at the holidays. Made me want to be better. I think those are the hallmarks of a good book."

- M. Molen (Issaquah, WA)


"Great Christmas Book! - Great Christmas Gift! Makes one thankful for the plenty we have and reminds us of the true spirit of Christmas."

- G. Lee (Nevada)


"Great Christmas Gift - My wife and I purchase books for her family and my family and sent them as gifts. This is a book that will make you stop and think, and perhaps change your life. We love this book."

- P. Holman (Pleasant Grove, Utah)


"Loved it!" - This is a touching story for the whole family. I read it with my children, (ages 11, 9, and 7) and we all enjoyed it. It is great for the holidays or any time of year.

- K. Michaelis (UT)


"A great christmas read! - This is a great read during the christmas season. The story is inspiring and reminds us what life is all about!"

- Scott Corfield (UT)


"Has Hallmark Movie written all over it. - This book made me think "Hallmark Movie" it was so good. Positive values, engaging. Perfect for Christmas."

- D. Boman (UT)


"Great Family Holiday Read - My daughter and I enjoyed The Shopping Cart Man. The story of Sam and the mystery of his past and how it all unfolds during the journey through the book was fun and fascinating. We had fun trying to out guess each other and decode Nufer's novel. We would recommend The Shopping Cart Man as a heart-warming read."

- S. Dog (UT)


"Very touching and heartwarming story - I had read one of Nufer's other books, so I gave this one a go. It was a wonderful story! Had me guessing up to the end. Very touching and heartwarming Christmas story. Highly recommended for your own reading or as a gift for loved ones/friends."

- R. May (Birmingham, AL)


"An engaging and delightful story.  I look forward to reading it to my kids."

- Ken N. (Ohio)



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