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Tangram Tribute to Star Wars!

A long time ago, in a country far, far away... named China, they invented a fascinating yet simple puzzle they called a "tangram." This puzzle has 7 pieces that can be put together to form a square, or rearranged to form 1000's of other shapes. In honor of and tribute to Star Wars, several new tangram puzzles have been made. Each is made of the exact same 7 pieces.

For the first time ever, those tangram tribute puzzles are assembled on one page available on a poster, playing cards, tangram book, magnets, and even a jigsaw puzzle. Check them out below!

Choose From These Awesome Gift Ideas!

Tribute to Star Wars Tangram Poster

I've got a good feeling about this...

This poster from far, far away pays tribute to heroes, villains, gadgets and ships from Star Wars... There are tangram tributes to C3PO, Darth Maul, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Darth Vader's Mask, Darth Vader's Ship, Jabba the Hutt, the Death Star firing, R2D2, Han Solo, Salacious B. Crumb, a Blaster, the Emperor, the Millennium Falcon, a Bobblehead Princess Leia, a Royal Guard, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi with a Lightsaber, Lightsabers, an AT-AT, a Stormtrooper, Luke on a Speeder Bike, a Speeder Bike, Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite (the rectangular tangram), Yoda, (Just for fun, there's a cross-over tangram of) Darth Vader's Ship Firing on a Borg Cube, an AT-ST, Lando, Luke in His Landspeeder, and Boba Fett's Helmet.

Each character's name is © its respective copyright owner.


Examples of the full-color Tribute to Star Wars Tangrams:

Tangram-Fury-Star-Wars-Boba-Fett Tangram-Fury-Star-Wars-Chewbacca Tangram-Fury-Star-Wars-Han-Solo Tangram-Fury-Star-Wars-Luke's-Land-Speeder Tangram-Fury-Star-Wars-Millennium-Falcon
Tangram Wars Playing Cards

Hit the Deck!

This is a deck of regular playing cards with 52 suit cards and 2 jokers per deck. The back of each card has the same tangram theme.

Limited quantity available.

The Falcon

Tangram Magnets!

These are cut-and-solve magnetic tangrams. Cut out the tans and place them on a flat, metal surface, such as your refrigerator, to solve the puzzle and show off your handiwork.



07 Black Tangram Sci Fi Book 14 Black Tangram Fury Comic Con Book

Tangram Puzzle Books

These paperback books are 6"x9" and have at least 130 pages each. They contain plenty of full-page puzzles to solve, with the puzzle on one side of the page and its solution on the reverse side. They also contain plenty of interesting facts and tidbits about tangrams, tips for solving them quickly, and a full-page tangram pattern to either cut out, or photocopy before cutting out.


Tangram Wars Jigsaw Puzzle

Tangram Jigsaw Puzzle

What dares you to get inquisitive more than a puzzle of puzzles? This 252-piece jigsaw puzzle has pieces that are roughly about 1" square. That's the standard size for jigsaw puzzlers who don't want it to be too easy for them. The picture is very similar to the poster and contains plenty of tangrams that pay tribute to the Star Wars saga. (Admittedly, this mostly pays homage to Episodes IV-VI...)

Limited quantity available.