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New: Tangram Fonts!

Now, you can type messages using letters formed out of classic 7-tan tangrams, or make your own tangram activity sheets by simply typing tangrams to solve, or their solutions! See more here.

Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity eBooks!

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Tangram Fury Expansion Card Decks!

A dozen new decks of cards covering a dozen themes can be found by clicking here.

The Daily Tangram

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See Tangramming in action:

View a quick video on how to play Tangram Fury

What's Tangram Fury?

Tangram Fury is a surprisingly fun, fast-paced, table-top game based on the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle. What gives this its edge over other tangram games is that this is competitive. Up to 4 players race against each other to build tangram images that are shown on cards. The first to win 5 cards, wins the game. It's actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Think "competitive Tetris," but where you physically arrange the pieces.

(Don't tell the kids, but it's also educational. They'll just think they're just having a blast and not realize they're developing their spatial reasoning skills.)

The Simple Game of Complex Shapes

“Tangram Fury” is a competitive and amazingly addictive table-top game based on the ancient Chinese puzzle known as a “tangram.”  Players attempt to be the first to recreate images using the seven pieces of a standard tangram puzzle.

Fun for everyone! Tangram Fury can be played individually, or in teams, with as few as two players.Tangram Fury Square

How's It Played?

    Players compete against each other to be the first to build tangram puzzles shown on cards.

    The first player done, wins the card.
    The first player to earn five cards, wins the game.

    Tangram Fury has two levels of play: “Fan” and “Expert”. The Fan level is easier, because the shapes on the cards have borders that show how each of the seven tangram pieces fit together to form the shape. The Expert level only shows a silhouette of the shape and players must figure out which pieces go where. Both modes can be intense, though, because you're competing against other players.

    All seven pieces must be used to build each tangram and pieces may not overlap each other.

    The game includes four categories of tangram images: people, animals, fish & birds, and objects & shapes. Each category is represented by colored cards. Rolling a multi-colored die determines the categories.

How is this New?

Tangrams have been around in the US since around 1815, when Capt. Donnaldson, of the USS Trader, brought a couple tangram books back with him from China. They were already "ancient" in China. They aren't sure just how old, because they were considered to be a "kid's game," so they didn't keep detailed records of them.

Over the centuries, tangrams have gone in and out of popularity. Some fads had people grow almost obsessed with solving the puzzles. When Napoleon was exiled, he had a set of tangram pieces (tans) and whiled away the hours solving tangram puzzles. Edgar Allan Poe is said to have tinkered with tangrams. Lewis Carroll apparently made tangram puzzles of some of his literary characters. (Scroll to the bottom of this page to see samples.)

So, tangrams are not new.

Tangrams have been used as a teaching tool in schools for decades. Tangram toys or games have also been around for quite some time. What is "new" about this is the competitive nature of the game.

The other tangram games I have found, are 1-player games. They typically consist of a player sitting alone and viewing an image on a card and solving that puzzle with tangram pieces. In Tangram Fury, 4 players each have a complete set of tangram pieces and race each other to solve the same image on a card as soon as it is played.

It's that competitive aspect that brings new vibrancy to this ancient game. It's that flurry to outpace your buddy that makes this so much fun. If you're competitive enough, you can make a competition out of tying your shoes...this is a bit more structured than that. This frenzied activity of trying to beat your friends to be first is where the word "fury" fits the game's name so well.

And, although either side of the cards can be played (the one with the solution showing, or the one without), all players see that same image, so they all have the same advantage or handicap as they rush to be first in their mad quest to solve the puzzle.

Yeah, and if you want to play the game solo, with you or your child sitting alone solving the various images, you can do that, too. It's a much quieter and subdued, if not tranquil, approach to the game, but if you play it this way, you should probably scratch off the word "Fury" from the box...

Tangram Scroll Chinese Puzzle

Tangram Arrow

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Tangram Fury Puzzle Game in action!

Tangram Fury has arrived!

Tangram Fury

See the press release here.

Tangram Fury Game

Classic Edition
(4 puzzles):


Tangram Fury Deluxe Game

Deluxe Edition
(8 puzzles):


A Standard Tangram Fury Game consists of:

    • The box

    • The instructions

    • 4 sets of the 7-piece tangram puzzles, made of foam

    • An 8-sided die

    • 4 sets of cards containing 200 tangram images

The foam puzzles are about 1/4 inch thick and form a tangram square that is 5 inches by 5 inches in size.

By Popular Demand:

Tangram Fury - Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Tangram Fury has all of the same fun as the Standard Edition, but also includes 4 additional puzzles, so even more people can play at once! Puzzle colors and card inserts may vary.

Also Available in 1-Player Packs

Check out the new Tangram Packs!

Sample of a Tangram Fury Tangram Pack

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Tangram Fury

Fun with Dates

Just for fun, various products were launched on dates with interesting numbers. Here are a few noteworthy ones.:

11/11/11: Tangram Fury officially released.
12/12/12: The Daily Tangram became a regular feature.
11/12/13: The first Tangram Fury Print-and-Play Activity eBooks launched.
12/13/14: The first Tangram Fury Fonts released.

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